Garage Springs Replacement

Broken Garage Spring Repair Services

Hauling in a new garage for installation in Issaquah, Wa

Hauling in a new garage for installation in Issaquah, Wa

We offer professional garage door spring repair and replacement service in Issaquah, Washington. If you are currently having trouble with something related to the springs on your garage door, then it is recommended that you immediately get in touch with a professional repair technician. You do not want to deal with something that is under a lot of pressure and tension, and could potentially injure or kill someone.

Torsion Springs and Extension Spring Repair and Replacement

There are a couple different main types of garage door springs that people are familiar with. These are the torsion spring and the extension spring. You will find door torsion springs located on top of garage doors. They are used for twisting and helping the door be lifted up as it opens.

Torsion springs are difficult to deal with. These are one of the most dangerous and difficult repairs to make in a household, simply because you need a professional to do it.

Extension springs are the springs that are used in the stretching mechanism. These springs can be founded along the rim of the door. They make sure that the door can open and close easily. Extension springs are the long and weighted springs. You should have these springs checked and replaced every now and then because of how frequently we use our garage door.

Professional garage door opener repair and installation services

Professional garage door opener repair and installation services

Professional Garage Springs Services

Garage door spring replacement is not easy at all. Many of the times you when accidents happen in the garage door industry, it’s when people are trying to repair their garage springs. With the right skillset and a professional technician, it is possible for garage springs to be replaced quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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Broken Spring Replacement in Issaquah, Washington

Most people love their garage doors and depend on them to work every time they push the button. It’s usually almost an emergency when are ready to leave for work and you’re stuck in the garage with no way to get your vehicle out. At Express Garage Doors, we have expert technicians who can get your door repaired as soon as possible to keep you on schedule.

Our belief is to always offer the highest quality standards with customer satisfaction. You are already stressed by having to deal with a broken garage door. We note that by providing only licensed technicians who will professionally repair your garage door. No matter if it’s just the springs or you need a new door. They will always keep your best interest in mind. Our new garage door installments are priced competitively and our repairs are also.

We repair all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers

We fix all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers

Commercially, we provide monthly preventive maintenance and service to keep your doors moving smoothly. We service all makes and models and have a program to fit your needs. When you need to install a new door or replace only parts, we can handle it.

You have a problem with your garage door, then we are your solution. Call for more information and allow us to provide the professional service you deserve.

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